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A New Owner Carries on the Tradition

Currently, the name and the business remain the same but ownership has changed. In 2011, Mike Moffit purchased the drug store from the Bostick family. He continues the tradition of providing convenient pharmacy services to local patients. “No one in the Bostick family was interested in the pharmacy profession,” said Mike Moffit. “I saw a good opportunity for success in retail pharmacy, so I made the move to purchase it.”


As the sole proprietor, Moffit runs the business by himself in much the same way it has always been run. “I try to give the utmost care and attention to every patient that walks through my front door,” said Moffit. “ We offer free delivery and after-hours service as well.”


Moffit's efforts are paying dividends. As a testament to that, Bostick’s Drug Store continues to grow and has become an integral part of Downtown Manton businesses and the community. Moffit credits the growth increase to the appeal of a local pharmacy. “Owning a small, family-run business allows me to offer that small town service - to do the little things that only a community-based pharmacy like this can do,” he said. “We just give really good customer service.”


The journey has come with some challenges, though. Those include competition from mail-order pharmacies, insurance reimbursement issues, and the notion that the larger chain pharmacies are cheaper than locally owned pharmacies. But for now, Bostick’s Drug Store continues to persevere with an unrelenting commitment to patients health.


We invite you to stop by and experience the services we offer! We're located at 117 E Main Street in Manton. Visit us today!

We provide shingles and flu vaccines. Call us to learn more!

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